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University of Tartu
Plant Ecology Laboratory

MarttiMartti Vasar

PhD student
Martti.Vasar [ at ] 

My main goal in the workgroup is in helping to deal with large-scale analysis using different workflows and cluster computers. We mainly use BLAST program to compare different plant roots and organism sequences. In collaboration with other workgroup members we have managed to create workflow to analyze 454 sequence data.

Purpose of my thesis is to develop pipeline for analyzing sequences from Illumina sequencing platform and how they compare with sequences from 454 sequencing platform. Output of the work is group of command-line programs, which will be connected into out-of-the-box workflow through web interface. This web interface will help other botanist to deal with bioinformatic problems and analyze their data.

Addition to above, I also help to develop database "EcoBank", which contains various metadata and holds information about samples gathered all over the world. Database is developed in the fashion, that it would be easy to make flexible search engine on it. 

My doctoral thesis is supervised by PhD Maarja Öpik and Prof. J. Peter W. Young.

Selected papers: